Why Every Investor Should Consider Off-Market Properties

Every real estate investor should consider buying off-market properties. Whether you invest in commercial, residential, or land- off-market properties can expand your portfolio immensely.

What is an off-market deal?

If you’re wondering, chances are you aren’t alone. In real estate, an off-market property is one that has not been publicly listed on the MLS (multiple listing service).

What it mean to buy off-market property for investors:

As interest rates remain low, today’s market has a surplus of demand and diminishing inventory levels. When you invest in an off-market property, you are opening yourself up to more inventory, equity, and greater opportunity to excel in today’s competitive market.

One of the most significant benefits for buyers is that it’s generally less stressful than buying a home on the market. you don’t need to go to inspections, and there is no need to compete at auctions! When its off-market, the homes are sent straight to you and match your set criteria and budget, so it can reduce some of the stress of house hunting.

Transactions are also typically more smooth in off-market deals. Sellers dedicate more of their time to prospective buyers, you won’t need to worry about open houses,, third parties, and tough competition.

Competition is greatly less when you buy off-market. this is because you are buying properties that are not listed on the MLS. When on the MLS, you compete with a large pool of potential buyers. Since this is off-market, it is very unlikely for bidding wars to occur. This is the main reason why they make for good real estate deals.

When working with a seller on an off-market property, the deals are more unique. Sellers & buyers alike are looking for transactions with minimal headaches and quick timelines. Since they are more exclusive in terms of accessibility, you decrease the odds of getting into a bidding war, like many of us have experienced with listed properties over the past two years. If you want to buy off-market properties and receive off-market deals sent straight to your mobile device, click here and sign up to be one of Abbott-Price’s exclusive investors.

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