Looking to Cash Out on a Partially Renovated or Rundown Home? Here’s What You Need to Know.

A half-renovated or rundown property is not always an ideal situation for investors. However, sometimes unexpected circumstances arise that may affect your plans and personal/financial well-being. For example, a new baby, unemployment, divorce, or divorce proceedings may force you to sell your property, regardless of whether it is of market standard or not.

With insurance premium renewals post-Hurricane Ida having more than doubled and the increased difficulty to insure a property that is under renovation, time is of the essence to sell your property.

In addition, with the increase in labor and material costs, finding the team and resources to help you complete the partially renovated home can be a burden.

In the case of selling your partially renovated house or rundown property, the easiest and most efficient way is to find someone who will purchase your house without requesting further renovations or drastic price decreases. This, in other words, is selling your partially renovated or rundown home to an investor “as is.” An as-is property cannot be moved into. Homes that are partially renovated or rundown qualify as “as-is.”

Despite the number of homeowners who disregard any fixer-uppers, there is much potential in selling a home as-is.

By opening the option to sell as-is, you unlock the opportunity to save money and profit off of your partially renovated or rundown home. Finding the right investors to purchase your property can be pretty simple, and you may benefit more by selling as-is! If you want to see how much money you could get for selling your home off-market, check out our cash offer form, and receive a hassle-free cash offer in 24 hours or less. No commitment is necessary!

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