Is Selling a House with a Cracked Foundation Possible? Read to find out.

Is Selling a House with a Cracked Foundation Possible? Read to find out.

Seling a house with foundation issues is not insurmountable, but it can lead to holds, price reductions, and damage control.

A foundation examination should be on your checklist as you prepare your home for sale. It is essential to determine if your house has foundation issues because if it does, your collection of buyers could be limited since some mortgage loan companies may not close on a house with a foundation complication.

In addition, government-backed FHA, VA, and USDA loans also carry strict requirements about the home’s structural integrity, so foundational issues could slow the process immensely or even end a deal.

However, selling your house with a cracked foundation is possible, and can be easy. Our experts at Abbott-Price can help you determine whether your property has foundational compromises and can still purchase the property at hand in cash. 

Skip the process of foundation issues by getting a commitment-free quote from Abbott-Price by clicking here.

How to know if your property has a foundation issue:

  1. Cracks on the walls near windows or doors.
  2. Bouncing or slanting floors
  3. Curving basement walls.
  4. Siding seems to buckle, break or warp from moisture or other issues, including significant structural problems with your home’s foundation.
  5. Doors or windows pulling away from the walls

Do you think your home has any of these issues? That is just fine with companies who invest in homes like Abbott-Price. 

Instead of receiving a home inspection to see whether your home has foundation issues, call Abbott-Price. Abbott-Price purchases homes with this type of damage that is difficult to repair or sell. 

Save time, stress, and money spent on home repairs and call Abbott-Price to see what money you can receive your property as it sits, “as-is,” with foundation issues or not! 


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