“My House Won’t Sell” and 3 Other Common Problems We’ve Solved…

“My House Won’t Sell” and 3 Other common Problems We’ve Solved…

Sometimes, when it comes to selling your home, it can feel like a never-ending road full of potholes and speed bumps. The main goal of selling your home (other than getting the money you deserve) is to run into as few issues as possible. Unfortunately- a smooth transaction is not always attainable, but there are companies and processes’ that can make the process an easy one. Let’s look inside Abbott-Price, the top 3 issues sellers bring to us when trying to sell their property, and how we as a company solve these issues. 

Succession/Title Issues

One of the top hurdles home sellers have issues with within the home selling process is trying to sell a house that requires succession. When you are trying to sell your home that was once a loved one, and the property is not in your name, this can be daunting. So what do you do with the property now? In many cases, the heir to the property is out of state and unable to travel, repair, and spend the time to list the property on the market. The easiest, most efficient way to make this process beneficial in your favor is to find a company that will do the succession, with no need to spend extra money to repair or update the property. You then have turned this inherited property into feasible money. 

The property is in bad condition. 

Many of our clients come to us with properties that may have had damages from storms or issues far too expensive to fix on their own. When you are trying to sell a house that is in poor condition, whether it is entirely a gutted shell, the foundation is slanting, or there are roof damages, the solution is to find an investor who invites these issues and can pay you for the current state of the property instead of having to go through with costly fixes. The solution is simple; find a company that uses the term “as-is.” When a purchase is made “as-is,” they buy the property exactly how it sits. With Abbott-Price, you do not need to move unwanted junk, clothing, or debris. We have a team in-house to remove anything free of charge for the seller. 

Foreclosure or bankruptcy 

When you are struggling to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy, it can make the home selling process intimidating. To save your home from being foreclosed on and making zero profit on the property, sell it to someone who will pay something for your home. The worst thing you could do is let the bank have it without gaining any profit. You then can use the money to go towards what you owe on the property, putting you in less debt. Regardless, you can fill out this form to see how much a company that will buy it “as-is” for cash can offer you. Click here to see how much money you could make for your home! 

Abbott-price has easy solutions to these issues sellers so commonly face when entering the home selling process. We know it can be stressful, and our goal is to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as humanly possible for every one of our clients. 

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