Simple and Mainstream Process
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Selling your home is a complex process, but Abbott Price LLC is here to make it easy for you. We make sure that you don’t have to undergo a lengthy wait compared to going through all the home-selling listings and risks. We promise to buy your home within a day!

Abbott Price LLC Procedure of Buying Properties:

  1. Indicate Your Property Address

    In the Cash Offer Button, you will find a designated field where you fill out the information about your property’s address. Fill out all the other details required and click the ‘Submit’ button to get started.

  2. Provide Specific Details of Your Home

    This includes the condition of your property whether it needs some work or not. What’s more, we also accept homes in their original condition.

  3. Agree on a Cash Price

    After gathering the profile of your home based on the information and records you provided, we use industry leading analytics to generate fair and accurate market price which your home deserves. Once we send you a cash offer, you’re a few steps toward receiving the deal.

  4. Sit Back and Relax

    We will come to your home for a final inspection. Just tell us when we will visit. If you permit, the inspection will still continue even if you’re not able to be there. This process is just so quick yet thorough.

  5. Close on Your Schedule

    Now you’re done! As promised, we do all the paper works as you wait not for long for us to finish this process. The closing schedule depends on you. Just tell us when you plan to move, and that’s it – a deal.

Get in Touch with Us

Do you have any questions about how Abbott Price LLC works for you? We encourage you to send us a message or call us at the time of your choice!