Stressed Over Selling Your Home? The Dos and Do Nots of Cashing Out on Your Home.

Selling your house for cash can be inviting yet intimidating all at once. Lets dive into the Do’s and Do Nots when selling your house for cash.

Money or life? Which is more important? 

This was a question asked in a recent survey conducted by real estate marketing firm 1000watt, “Your money or your life: How homeowners see buying,”

The survey verified that people do not want to deal with the hassles, headaches, and disruption of their lives by choosing the traditional home sale route.  

As cited in the survey, cash buyers like Abbott-Price solve a real concern for sellers – the stress of a conventional sale. The most common stressor cited by respondents was having strangers in their homes for open houses or showings and the uncertainty of the act of sale.

Eighty percent of homeowners responded either “very positively” or “somewhat positively” to the pitch offering a quick cash sale, no showings or open houses, and no realtor fees. 

The biggest reasons for their response? Half said they favored the certainty of a cash offer versus a buyer’s uncertainty with financing that could fall through. Another 41 percent wanted to avoid the time and hassle of selling with an agent. 

Selling Your House for Cash: What’s the catch?

The majority of those who weren’t receptive to the cash sale solution said they were hesitant because they thought it was “too good to be true” and “there must be a catch.”   

But the fact is- there is none! 

Cash investors such Abbott-Price provide what home sellers want statistically- an easy, less stressful experience with more convenience, certainty, and control over the sale of their house. Click here to see what you could get for your property in 24 hours or less, hassle-free! 

If the idea of a cash sale is tempting, but you’re also thinking about listing, Abbott-Price can provide you with the best of both worlds and help you confidently decide what the best route of home selling is for you!

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