Having Trouble Finding Someone to Sell Your House? Here’s How to Sell a House Without Realtors.

Selling a house without a realtor can be one of the most timesaving, cost-efficient routes to choose, and here is why.

The Cons of The Realtor Route: 

For starters, realtors can be a very intrusive, time-consuming presence, whether it is your primary residence or investment property. In a recent study by Homelight, a typical house averages 25 showings before being sold through a realtor. In an investment property, coordinating with your tenants can be frustrating and raise red flags about their security within the home going forward.

Realtors often need inspection reports, home improvements, and staging to properly list your home on the MLS (multiple listings service). The house needs to appeal to buyers in the area aesthetically, and realtors often have high expectations and particular views to make the home look appealing. Removing your personal property off the countertops, storing prized possessions, and cramming your stuff into storage is a true but unfortunate reality. In addition, all of this can take weeks of time.

All of these factors contribute to the overall process in how you sell your property. Additionally, the longer to sell the home could mean more mortgage payments necessary, and ultimately more of your hard-earned money being given away to the bank.

The most significant loss you can experience when selling with a realtor is that at the end of all your hard work, agents take up to 6% on residential properties and over 6% commercial from the sales price. Selling a home without a realtor can avoid all of these percentage cuts and leave you with more money for your next endeavor.

You, as a seller, may not have the time, budget, or energy to deal with all the demands of a realtor. This is where selling a house without a realtor comes into play. Let us look at the positives when selling a home without a realtor.

How to Sell a House Without a Realtor: 

Selling your house without a realtor is simpler than you think and is commonly referred to as selling “off-market”.

If your home is older, run-down, or even blighted, selling to an investor is typically your best option.  When selling your house without a realtor, you typically won’t need to pay any realtor fees or closing costs. In the event of a cash sale, investors can often close in less than 30 days. This is tremendously quicker than having to show your home and less stressful since the company buying the house, in most cases, does not even need to see the inside.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the people or businesses who will buy your property are not agents, so follow these tips on finding the right person to buy your property to make the transaction smoother, while keeping the maximum amount of cash in your pocket!

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