Selling A House in Need of A New Roof?   

When selling your home, it can feel like all buyers want it in “move-in ready” condition. With statistically fewer “DIY” skills than in prior generations, the rise in building material, and labor costs, buyers are motivated to purchase property that doesn’t need to be touched.

Chances are, this doesn’t sound ideal if your home requires a new roof. However, it doesn’t mean every homeowner needs to get a new roof before selling their home. There is an easy solution to selling your home for a great price without replacing the roof. 

 If you are wondering whether you should replace your roof before selling your home, here is what you should understand.

The Cost of a New Roof 

Often, real estate agents love the sound of a new roof because it makes an easy selling point, especially in the New Orleans area. With high chances of rain regularly, having a home with a new roof can be a powerful point of sale. They can then encourage their buyers that they can spend the money they would have spent on a roof on something else.

The average cost of a roof nationwide is around $7,000. However, this allows for an extensive range because based on situations such as:

  • Location: in places where there is more rainfall, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters, the demand for a new roof will be much more significant, therefore raising the cost of a roof.
  • Roof condition: If your roof needs to be completely ripped off and redone, this will cost much more than a roof that needs a few shingle replacements or specific areas that need a replacement.
  • Materials: when getting a new roof type of roofing varies in cost significantly.
  • Asphalt Shingles: this is the cheapest of all roofing materials. If you have budget restraints, this is what you would want to use.
  • Slate: This is typically the most expensive roofing material on the market. It costs ten times more than asphalt shingles.
  • Roof Features: Larger, steep roofs can cost as much as $100,000 to replace, making the shape and slope significant when calculating costs.

Cash Buyers: The solution to selling a house that needs a new roof. 

Property owners that want to sell a home that needs a new roof can find replacing it very troublesome. However, there is a simple way to sell a home that needs a new roof. Cash buyers are investors that make cash offers on homes. Cash buyers can buy houses without the typical restraints and property conditions that other buyers face.

No Repairs:

  • Cash investors don’t you to repair a damaged roof before the act of sale. Instead, they purchase the property “as-is” and can even clear the home for you.

No delays

Selling to a cash buyer cuts out all time-consuming steps in a typical home sale, such as

  • No home inspections
  • No complex price negotiations
  • No dealing with mortgage lenders or insurers

This lets cash buyers close very quickly. Abbott-Price can give you a cash offer in 24 hours, hassle-free.

No commissions:

Cash buyers work with the sellers directly. This cuts down the costs of having a middleman or other third-party buyers.

See how much you could get for your home:

By filling out this quick form, Abbott-Price can offer you a free cash offer on your property. No commitment, no hassles, and best of all, no matter the current condition of your home. There is no harm in seeing how much we can offer you!

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