Own A Vacant House That Won’t Sell, Now What? 

Own A Vacant House That Won’t Sell, Now What? 

It is a common occurrence for homeowners to be put in a position to sell their vacant homes. Whether it was once an investment property, a loved one’s primary residence, or simply a rental with outgrown tenants; you want to sell this vacant property fast. 

Many sellers who obtain vacant properties struggle with selling their vacant homes because of issues with availability for showings,  spending costs to fix current damages, and time to negotiate a fair deal. 

Those issues are why it is so important to find a buyer who does not require all of those things, like Abbott-Price. , to make the sale more straightforward, faster, and more profitable for you as the seller. 

If you want to sell a vacant home,  give us a call. We will make you a fair offer and close fast for cash.

Not all sellers recognize that companies such as Abbott-Price can buy your vacant property easily. So let’s dive into the “old” reasons why selling your vacant property was once more challenging. 


The Standard Difficulties of Selling Your Vacant Home:


Selling a vacant house can be nearly impossible due to many various factors. Whether financial, situational, the state of the home, or any number of reasons, many vacant homes will sit for years with no one managing the property. 

So, why do these factors hold individuals back from relieving themselves of the responsibility of a vacant home? Let’s take a closer look.

Unkept Conditions 

A primary reason owners of vacant homes have a hard time selling is because of the home’s condition. 

Vacant houses often don’t have running water, electricity, or any other utilities required to keep the conditions of a home in quality standing for most home buyers and in livable order. This isn’t the same as selling an occupied dwelling.

Typically, vacant homes attract animals or pests. They tend to relocate into the home space, living in walls, causing it to be in unhealthy or unliveable conditions. The costs to terminate such intrusions can add up and become a nuisance to the homeowner. 

If it was a rental property, the previous tenants play a significant role in the property’s current condition. For example, the last tenants could have left in a hurry and left debris, personal belongings, or damages to the property, making it more difficult to sell.

The seller is an Absentee Owner.

An absentee owner is a owner of a property who does not reside in or otherwise occupy that property.

Living far away from the vacant property you are attempting to sell can create a nuisance when looking to clean it up, stage it, or show it to potential buyers.

Selling a Parent / Loved One’s Property. 

Vacant properties can often be inherited from a loved one or family member. 

This can be mentally straining to have to prepare showings to multiple prospect buyers or deal with the act of sale in general. 

Selling an inherited home can be stressful and time-consuming to go through a typical sale to a realtor. 

Let’s dive into how all of these issues can be resolved when trying to sell your vacant property. 

While many factors of selling a vacant home are complex, this does not entirely rule it out of the equation for property owners, especially if you consider selling to experienced investors. 

c Even if you are an absentee owner, they could save you from taking a long trip to visit the property. Are you curious about how much money you could receive for your vacant home? Click here and get a hassle-free quote in less than 24/hours!


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